The necessity of praise to God

(To any readers still out there… thank you for reading still! I know I was gone for a long while. Life really picked up the pace the beginning of March and now it seemed to have slowed down a bit. The desire in posting this morning is not that I need to create words to form a post just because I haven’t in a while, but I was moved this morning in my time with God and thought I’d pass on what I learned.)

Psalm 81 is probably one of my top 3 favorite psalms – there is so much packed into the short 16 verses! I have come back to this Psalm so many times in the past several years and have always been humbled by what the Lord teaches me from it. This morning my meditation came from verse 1 –

“Sing aloud to God our strength; shout for joy to the God of Jacob!” -Psalm 81:1 

Matthew Henry says the following about this verse and the utmost necessity every believer has to be diligent in their praise of God – “Praising God is not only a good thing, which we do well to do, but it is our indispensable duty, which we are obliged to do; it is at our peril if we neglect it”

As I was thinking about the verse and his comment, I had to ask – why is it our indispensable duty? Why is it a great peril if we neglect to praise God? Here is the conclusion that I came to. If you, readers, have any other thoughts in answer to the question, feel free to comment and share!

A righteous soul who looks to God and sees Him as who He really is–in all His glory & honor & power & faithfulness–will respond in humble worship before Him. They will see their unworthiness, their changing, their failings; and they will see a perfect God – One who never changes, One who never fails in anything.

This conclusion was helpful to me to really consider the state of my soul and find questions to ask myself when it seems that praise isn’t pouring forth from my lips.

-Am I seeking the Lord with my whole heart? (Psalm 119:2)
-Have I been keeping His statutes? (Psalm 119:8)
-Do I delight in His testimonies more than in riches? (Psalm 119:14)
-Have I been meditating on His precepts and fixing my eyes on them? (Psalm 119:15)

I believe that the Lord will bless the soul that is diligent to keep His statutes. And please note, I am not saying that the Christian life is full of lists of rules that we must keep, but the more we become in awe of who God is, the more it will be our hearts’ desire to follow Him.

Praise the Lord for His tender mercies, His daily graces that bear us up, and His never-failing faithfulness!


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